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Saturday, November 20, 2010

At Long Last!!!!

The roofers accidentally knocked out our DirecTV dish and so my dad and I have been without satellite.  However, I am grateful for still having access to the internet.  I managed to leave my laptop on for most of the night and was able to keep one eye open during this morning's (3:30AM Texas time) special ceremony from Rome.   I perked up when I heard the names of Cardinals Raymond Burke and Malcolm Ranjinth.

Here, as reported by our friends at the New Liturgical Movement and CTV, is the imposition of the biretta on Malcolm Cardinal Ranjinth:

The next one was an appointment that I believe, was long-overdue, that of His Eminence, Raymond Cardinal Burke:

Tomorrow the new cardinals will receive their rings from the Holy Father during the Mass for the Solemnity of Christ the King. 

To see Cardinals Ranjinth and Burke receive their red birrettas was a most joyful occasion for me, even if the screen was a rather tiny one.  I think the last time I was this happy about the creation of a cardinal was when my own fellow Texan, Daniel Cardinal DiNardo received his own red hat a while back. 

Cardinal Ranjinth has long been an advocate for fidelity to liturgical norms.  His talk on Ars Celebrandi during the 2008 Gateway Liturgical Conference left a profound impact on me.  Cardinal Burke is not afraid of speaking out on the defense of human life and on maintaining true orthodoxy in the Church.  Cardinal DiNardo is also a fierce champion for the pro-life cause as as well as a stickler for doing the red and saying the black.

May God bless these new cardinals and preserve them in their witness to the Faith.

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